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Culture Café

Virtually Audition to Perform in the 2023 Culture Cafe!

We’re excited to announce that the 2nd annual FWCA Culture Café will take place on Saturday April 22, 2023 from 8pm-9:30pm at the conference hotel. The Culture Café compliments the dynamic daytime presentations by highlighting your culture, talent, and excellence through an arts-based performance. If you have a talent that you would like to showcase for this group of women we invite you to virtually audition by completing this form and sharing a sample of your talent with the planning committee. Artistic talents can include: musical performances, visual arts showcases, poems and spoken word, dance or movement demonstrations, or theatrical vignettes, and more! We will set up multiple small rooms to create an intimate setting to share your talents with other Women of Color scholars.

Whether you're a scholar-artist or a Woman of Color scholar with an artistic talent you wish to showcase, this space is for you! If you are interested in auditioning please complete the form below by March 1, 2023.

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Workshop Proposals for FWCA 2023 are now closed

The Faculty Women of Color in the Academy (FWCA) national conference is calling for workshop and poster proposals that advance the FWCA mission to connect with research colleagues, support aspirations, and empower growth and change.

Successful proposals are ones that:

  • Represent multiple perspectives on a project, topic, or initiative; 
  • Have a combination of expert advice and broad applicability / replicability; 
  • Share promising practices and experiences on the presentation topic;
  • Are engaging and foster conversation, dialogue, and brainstorming

Workshop Proposals

Here are 3 examples of previously accepted proposals

Your workshop proposal will be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Purpose connected to the conference mission of connect, support, and empower.
  • Delivery methods that are interactive, inspiring, energizing, and motivating
  • Clear content that imparts new insight and wisdom
  • Relevance to designated conference track
  • Measurable learning objectives
  • Relevance and usefulness to audience
  • Impact in the form of strategies for personal and/or professional development

SAVE FILE AS "FWCA23: Your Workshop Title"

  1. Prepare a title and 200 word abstract that summarizes your proposed presentation. The abstract appears in the conference program. Upload a full workshop description (click here) in pdf format using Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin, and 8.5 by 11-inch page setting. Limit the description to two pages. Include the following information in your workshop description: overview, learning outcomes, delivery methods, and a timeframe breakdown for a 45-minute session.
  2. Select one of the tracks:
    1. Personal Well-Being
      Includes topics related to self-care in the academy, strategies for coping and self-advocacy, achieving work-life balance, and building social support systems.
    2. Career Development
      Includes topics related to mentoring and finding mentors, acquiring skills important for career advancement, writing and publishing, and navigating higher education.
    3. Scholar Activist
      Includes topics related to new theories of intersectional identity and conversations on issues of importance to women of color.
    4. Leadership
      Includes topics on developing leadership competencies and moving into senior leadership positions.

Workshop Proposals for FWCA 2023 are now closed

Direct questions about the call for proposals to: