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InclusiveVT Project 2022

Theme: “Now is the time… To dream big. To act boldly. To give generously. To make dreams come true.”

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InclusiveVT Project 2022 is the first of several pilots under an InclusiveVT project related to increasing student diversity.  This first pilot is in collaboration with Enrollment Management, Alumni Relations, College Access Collaborative, Advancement, Black Faculty and Staff Caucus, and the Office of Inclusion and Diversity.  The overall InclusiveVT objectives relate to increasing student diversity.  Future pilots will focus on Native American students, Hispanic/Latino students, and first generation students.  This initiative seeks to institutionalize the role of Black Alumni Societies in engagement efforts related to recruitment, in partnership with the Admissions Office, 4H programs, community organizations, the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus and the Office of Inclusion and Diversity. 


Since the highs of the 1980’s, the percentage of black students at Virginia Tech has remained flat or in some years, decreased.

In 2015, over 7000 Black or African American students received an advanced high school diploma. At Virginia Tech, we received 1,403 applications, offered 796 students and 263 attended Virginia Tech.   Black students comprise less than 5% of the campus population at VT, despite a population in the state of close to 20%.  The current Black student enrollment at Virginia Tech is significantly less than 2000.  Virginia Tech also receives less than 2000 applications from Black students.

Given the diversity imperative of a land-grant institution, Virginia Tech, through a partnership with the Office for Inclusion and Diversity, University Admissions, the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus, and the Division of University Advancement, proposes to increase the numbers of Black students who consider, apply and then attend Virginia Tech by utilizing the skills, expertise, knowledge, and passion of Black Alumni. 


The goal of InclusiveVT Project 2022 is to secure the active engagement of 2000 Black Alumni.  Through their engagement in a pilot outreach and recruitment effort, the goal is to significantly and quickly increase the number of Black student applications (and enrollment) at Virginia Tech.  The university’s resurgent commitment to diversity and inclusion coupled with a particularly engaged Black alumni base offers Virginia Tech the opportunity to make Black students an ideal pilot group on which to focus recruitment efforts.

What’s Next?

University admissions will provide training to interested Black Alumni Society members in late August. Admissions will also identify African-American seniors in the Commonwealth in September.   Members of Black Alumni Societies will conduct a regionally coordinated calling campaign to connect with each individual student. Participants will promote Virginia Tech and encourage students to apply.  They will also encourage student participation in several events, including:

  • Fall Visitation, including a special reception hosted by Black Faculty and Staff
  • A December Meet and Greet hosted by area alumni
  • Spring Gateway Program Yield Events

When possible, alumni will also assist university admissions with conducting regional school and college fair visits and potentially identifying opportunities to present to area community organizations such as the NAACP, Black churches, sports organizations, fraternities and sororities, Boys and Girls Club, Jack and Jill organizations, etc.  Additional follow-up will include contacting students accepted to Virginia Tech and participating in a summer Chapter send-off for students who make Virginia Tech their choice.  For alumni who are interested in giving, the InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund hopes to award scholarships of $5k to students. 

To contribute, please visit our secure online-giving page. Select “InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund” from the drop-down menu.

We need you to join Project 2022.  

InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund

Scholarships can do more than just lower the barriers to access. They can raise the caliber of education we provide, by allowing for additional opportunities for Virginia Tech students.

The InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund will be used to help recruit historically underrepresented students (including freshman and transfer students) by providing additional financial resources to support their educational goals.

Please show your commitment to inclusion and diversity by making a gift to the InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund today. To make an online contribution, visit our secure online-giving page then select “InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund” from the drop-down menu.