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2013 Black Alumni Summit

2013 Black Alumni Summit - Summary of Outcomes

The focus of the inaugural Black Alumni Summit was 'Harnessing Our Voices.' Like all engaged alumni, African-American alumni have the opportunity to provide guidance and support to the university, but how can they do so most effectively? The 2013 Black Alumni Summit offered alumni a chance to discuss black alumni engagement strategies and the consideration of a Black Alumni Society. For more information, please review the Summary of Outcomes from the 2013 Black Alumni Summit, below.

*Coming Soon* - Summary of Outcomes from the 2013 Black Alumni Summit

While many alumni wish to have the next Black Alumni Reunion in warmer weather, after much discussion, it was decided to plan the reunion to coincide with the Overton R. Johnson weekend. This will allow for greater interaction with more students and a strong presence of black alumni during the school year. Normally this weekend is scheduled for the third weekend in March and accordingly, our 2014 reunion will be held March 20-23, 2014. The following reunion planning committees have been formed: Donations and Sponsors, Programming, Marketing and Communications and the steering Committee. If you are interested in participating in the planning, please email Latanya Walker at

The focus of the first Summit was to discuss black alumni engagement and to determine interest in formalizing a black alumni society. Those present heard from several Virginia Tech representatives, including Dr. William Lewis and Debbie Day, along with several alumni professionals and officers from other universities. It was ultimately decided that we organize a formal a society. The first matter of business is to determine what that structure will look like and to that end, a coordinating committee was formed to research and develop the structure for a Black Alumni Society.  This group is tasked with evaluating two options:

  • Will the new Black Alumni entity be an organized body affiliated with VT (similar to the Ex-Lapide & UVA examples)?


  • Will the new Black Alumni entity be an organized body separate from that of VT (similar to OSU & NC examples)? 

The committee will then develop a report summarizing its findings and recommendations, which will be presented to the larger group at the Black Alumni Reunion.

Attendees collectively identified several general areas that they felt were important for an alumni society to address. Based on these, some basic potential committees were formed. The initial committees are:

  • Black Alumni Engagement
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Outreach

Each committee has been contacted regarding its next steps. It will then be the responsibility of each committee to:

  • Determine a regular meeting date (i.e. the first Monday of each month). These meetings can be held by conference call. is a great source for a conference call line. Calls should be scheduled by the first week of September.
  • Determine their official mission and identify on one or two main concrete goals, which can be effectively achieved. 
  • Identify a chair for each committee who will be able to summarize the work of the committee, for the larger group. 

2013 Black Alumni Summit Presentations

Please CLICK HERE to view a presentation on 'Keeping the Hokie Nation Connected.' This was presented at the 2013 Black Alumni Summit by Debbie Day, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations.

Please CLICK HERE to view a presentation of findings from the 2013 Alumni Engagement Survey. This was presented at the 2013 Black Alumni Summit by Latanya Walker, Director of Alumni Relations for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement.

Check out pictures from the 2013 Black Alumni Summit here: