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Lisa Thaxton

Born in Shawsville, Virginia, attending Virginia Tech was my first and only choice.  One can say that I have truly been a “Hokie for Life.”

After earning my degree from the College of Human Resources, now known as the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, I worked in the retail industry for several years, followed by a successful career in the insurance industry. I served in various functions that supported call center operations.

I reside in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently serve as assistant to the president at Charlotte School of Law. In my role, alumni relations and leading our community outreach initiatives with the African American community are among my responsibilities.  I am also an entrepreneur in the event planning sector where I am able to pursue my passion for helping people capture the memories from those defining moments in their life. 

As a MAAB member, it is my desire to support the university’s inclusive diversity initiatives and help grow the multicultural population and engagement at Virginia Tech and encourage multicultural alumni involvement.