Topics of Inquiry


The Advancing the Human Condition Symposium creates a space of inquiry that brings together people from different disciplinary perspectives and expertise to grapple with the most compelling topics of our time.  Day two of the Symposium is dedicated to engagement around six topics of inquiry, and the intersections of these topics:

Equitable Infrastructure


How do we plan, (re)design, and implement infrastructure that offers the potential to decrease social and spatial vulnerability?

Ethical Economies

How do we imagine ethical economies that reduce the gap between rich and poor?

Global Climate Change

How do we address global climate change through sustainable and resilient innovations?

Human Migration

How do we redefine global community and citizenship in an age of mass human migration?

Human Well-Being

How do we ensure that all people have the resources and human agency needed for a good life?

Tech for Humanity

How do we uphold the human in the age of intelligent machines?


The intention is for each of the groups connected to a topic of inquiry to generate new and/or deepened research partnerships, curricula, or public engagements.