John Gray Williams

"As a self-identified “two-namer" I go by both my first and middle names. After earning undergraduate degrees in both Urban Planning and Geography from Virginia Tech in 2007, I completed my masters degree in Counseling at the University of Delaware. I have since returned to my beloved alma mater to work as a Career Advisor in Career Services in the Division of Student Affairs and I am thrilled to be back in Blacksburg.

I have long been passionate about social justice, inclusion, and equity issues. To this day, as both an alumnus and faculty member, I continue to have passion for creating a more equitable campus for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. As a self-identified gay male, I am especially interested in working hard to ensure that issues relating to LGBTQ inclusion and other “invisible” under-represented identities on campus have a voice on this board and that their needs are addressed. I am thrilled to see so much diversity present within this board.

I look forward to the good work that MAAB will undertake in the years to come. I believe we can and will have a very real and positive impact on Virginia Tech’s journey towards inclusive excellence.

Constituency Alumni

There are about 7,451 living African American and Black Virginia Tech alumni.

There are about 481 living American/Native Indian Virginia Tech alumni.

There are about 16,039 living Asian/Pacific Islander Virginia Tech alumni.

Ex Lapide (Latin for “Out of Stone”) is a free Virginia Tech alumni society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and alumni and their allies.

There are about 3,340 living Hispanic and Latino Virginia Tech alumni across the U.S.

The Strong Together Initiative is a new campus-wide effort to promote the values set forth in the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.


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